If you need legal and tax advice for buying, selling or renting a property we are able to provide it to you.

In Madrid Histórico S.L. we do not accept an instruction for selling or renting without having checked that owner’s expectations are compatible with market conditions.

It is only natural for the owner to have a very high opinion of his/her property to sell or rent, but they do not always have the necessary information to asses at what level it is more appropriate to go to the market with a reasonable probability of selling or renting it . We compare your property with other properties in the area, and taking into account its historical as well as practical characteristics, justify to ourselves and the client a certain level of price that we should be able to justify to a potential buyer or tenant.

This means that sometimes we have to advice our clients to change their price expectations and in case the divergence between what our perception of the market is willing to pay versus his expectations, recommend not to go ahead with marketing the property and even turn down the sale or letting instruction altogether.